I'm Lisa Feierman

I'm a social media and digital news producer who graduated with High Distinction from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Media Studies and a minor in Public Policy. I'm passionate about exploring how traditional news outlets can best adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing new media landscape and about shining a light on policy issues and human interest stories that are often overshadowed by horse race political coverage.

A piece of my writing on women in diplomacy was published in the Harvard Kennedy School Review, and was the most-read article on the KSR site for all of 2016 (even as it was published in November). It also appeared in the annual print edition.

Ever the creative and enterprising go-getter, I also recently launched Rose-Colored, my own weekly email good-newsletter designed to inspire and uplift readers in an increasingly combative news environment by curating often-overlooked, feel-good stories of empowerment and progress. Off to an ambitious start, the newsletter achieved its first 1,000 subscribers in just 10 days, has already raised $700 for various philanthropic causes, and has been met with praise (and gratitude) from subscribers hailing from 27 countries and counting.